“Love is the question; Love is the answer” :: New mural in Austin benefits Superhero Kids


Daniel Johnston, the artist who created the “Hi, how are you?” alien has yet again painted the town with a mural for the first time in 20 years. This time, the mural is in honor of the Superhero Kids foundation. For every picture taken in front of it, GSD&M will donate one dollar to the children’s cancer and blood center. Just for those who may not know, GSD&M is a major advertising agency here in Austin that consistently puts forth amazing advertising works. I think this new addition to the city, which is a Christmas present to Austin from the ad agency, is such an excellent idea, and I know many Austinites will appreciate them bringing Daniel Johnston into the mix! This mural does a lot of things: it puts a loving message out there, promotes the Superhero Kids organization, while also promoting Daniel Johnston as an artist, plus GSD&M as a local agency.

This piece is just one example of the great ways that art, creativity and marketing can come together to create wonderful promotional ideas. This approach to getting people to donate to a good cause is right up Austin’s alley. If the target audience is Austinites who care about our city, want to donate to a good cause, and/or are feeling the christmas spirit plus use social media in anyway, then this project should be extremely successful.

This project especially speaks to me when thinking about the famous quote “The medium is the message”. This mural may not seem like such a big phenomenon to anyone who doesn’t know the background story, but even still, it works for what it is – a statement about being non-violent and keeping up the positive vibes that run through the city of Austin. I always appreciate small pictorial landmarks and the murals and artwork that surround a city or neighborhood. Daniel Johnston’s “Retired Boxer” is in the neighborhood near Nau’s Enfield Drug which is a lovely little neighborhood. It is a good spot for that community and will be noticed by all passerby who will hopefully be curious enough about it to look it up and take a picture with it for the children’s cancer and blood center.

Here is the story as told by KXAN news! http://kxan.com/2014/12/01/new-daniel-johnston-mural-raises-funds-for-superhero-kids/


Digital Advertsing

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