The art of mesmerizing ~*~**


This video is a pretty great example of what if means for ads to be visually stunning. It is a compelling way to express the new Guinness bottle. The ad really doesn’t even express what they are promoting until the very end. The whole video is a connection between the dark black color of Guinness and what the color black is associated with.

This one is definitely targeting a younger more alternative crowd. It is definitely targeting the black community as well. So in a way this ad is capturing the zeitgeist and even claiming that it know something about it.

Usually when I envision Guinness I think of older men like my grandpa and dad sipping on a dark beer for the potent beer flavor. This ad begins an entire era for Guinness that may pick up a lot of consumers who normally would opt for a different beer. The commercial was high energy and seems to place Guinness in the heart of it.