What’re you looking at?



I want to address something that is hard to ignore in the advertising world & on¬†this world in general: billboards. Let’s face it, the whole principle of billboards is a little aggressive. Who’s idea was it to place massive signs on the peripherals of all highways which utterly distract from the natural beauty of the American landscape? Advertising and highways developed during the industrial age at parallel speeds so maybe it makes since that they would grow alongside each other. Besides, when I am looking out the window of the passenger seat and see a giant ad for a Whataburger sandwich I will admit that it gets to me a little bit. I want to “Take the next exit!” and chow down like a genuine truck driver.

As americans we spend copious amounts of our daily lives on the road, so of course advertisers know what they’re doing when they place large pictures of their products in your face. I commute from Austin to San Marcos and back four days out of the week. I like to take in the scenery sometimes, especially the way the clouds look. I am also a very visual person so I am immediately vulnerable to being seduced by billboards. The way they look contrasted against a blue sky and rolling clouds always make me swoon for some reason.

There is a billboard on my commute that is especially creative & wonderful to me. In fact, I highly adore and appreciate this ad.


It is an advertisement to use the billboard for advertising! The eyeballs represent a symbolic imagery for “catching your eye”. I love the double entendre and the creative use of getting their point across.

The first image in this post goes a along similar lines by being a part of a project that uses the space of billboards more creative. It is a piece of art arranged by the Austin art boards organization.