Blogging – The Big Picture


I found this funny little window display in the heart of London’s fashion district. It is a mannequin sitting pretty on top of a tower of Manwich cans. It struck my eye so I took a picture of it. The peculiarity just seemed so random! I suppose it is a sort of rendition on Andy Warhol’s work? Just re-vamped? Im not entirely sure who was behind this type of window display/marketing approach, but it got me thinking.

I think the main beauty of having a blog is the share of information, especially on things that one may be an expert about – and that benefits everyone. I found this gem of a display with Manwich cans, took a picture & now have the ability to share with the interweb world what I saw & what I know. That is a beautiful thing. Sure, this image may be only mildly interesting, but to others who share the same interest as me it may strike a chord with them. That is what I appreciate about blogging the most. Ideas and images, conversations and movements flow faster and reach more people when we’re blogging about what we love and know.

This blog is a little mix up of things that surround my world. It is like a little digital journal mixed with things I find interesting in the advertising and professional realm. I think this blog assignment is an excellent skill to have for anyone in the mass media department.

As far as social media goes, I generally don’t share or tweet constantly. I like to stay off social media unless there is something that I have to say. There is no shame in self-promotion, I just only do it when it is an absolute must. Blogging is a little bit different in that it allows for a lot of room to get your ideas fully across.

I was doing some research on blogs that I admire and I found this excellent list of websites that blog about Austin. Some great inspiration:


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