Using the Consumer as the Advertiser

Lately I have been noticing a trend among advertisers and marketers that make the consumer the advertiser all in one. This is also known as “earned” media in the advertising world and it can be an enormous tool especially when used on social media. Basically it comes in the form of photo booths, hashtags, people tweeting or sending in pictures of themselves to get the hype going about a particular brand or service going on.

Most recently I noticed this at the Red Bull Sound Select Photo booths. You really have to admire the branding that red bull had around its drink. It has become much more than just an energy drink, I believe it is a label that stays on point with the most current and interesting things among the younger generations. Red bull just has great advertising and PR campaigns.

The Red bull Sound Select Photo booth is what really struck me as an impressive marketing idea. The booth is set up pretty nice with excellent lighting that is flattering for people, so it is especially welcoming. Plus, these photo booths are always set up at music festivals and live show events which is exactly the type of place that people out on the town want to have pictures to remember later. Once you take three or four pictures, the photo booth combines them all together to make a fast moving GIF. You then pick a band that tells everyone at the bottom of your picture to go listen to and viola! You now have an excellent picture with some band’s name marketed directly underneath your face. You can tweet it our with the hashtag #soundselect for an even further push.

Such a brilliant idea. I do hope that people realize just how often they are being used as the subjects for someone else’s message though. I think it is important that we as consumers stay mindful of that.

More info on Sound Select stuff can be found on their website:


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