Mobile App: AD IT! -+


My app would use a scan system so that when you point it to the advertisement, it would give you exact details about that product or service.

I believe in blending the lines between advertisements and art pieces. This would allow for the creative team to be less literal and more free with their designs. Since the ad wouldn’t need messages explaining everything about what it is (since using the “Ad it” scan would tell you) therefore the ads could focus more on the overall unity of the design. It could allow advertisements to become more of an art piece than just an ad.

This would also force the creator of the ad to be more seductive and persuasive. Since its not automatically throwing all sorts of information at the viewer, more enticement is involved. This way the consumer isn’t forced to watch a commercial or look at an ad unless they are very compelled.

Ad It! Is the name of my app and it would allow advertisements to speak for themselves more.


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